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Design for a new normality

Always focused on the evolution of design, two events at Fiera Milano such as HOMI, dedicated to home accessories, scheduled from 19th to 22nd September 2020 with the Home&Dehors and Host edition, the International Exhibition of Professional Hospitality, from 22nd to 26th October 2021, in this period of restart have been transformed into observatories on the changing world, or rather, that is redesigned, thanks to the expertise of those who create spaces and accessories.
The two events offer themselves today as platforms for the exchange of ideas for the communities of professionals called upon to concretely conceive the new normality: sharing ideas and concrete successes of designers represents, in fact, an essential function for the engines of knowledge represented by trade fairs, especially at this time. In fact, to the sustainability criteria that were already known and followed, today are added those derived from the attention to anti-accounting standards, which lead to a respect for the needs of users and the reduction of risk.
Our homes are changing: transformed by the fixed presence of their inhabitants during lockdown, they will not return to their former homes for a while. They represent the environments that reacted earlier to the change taking place, transforming the use of indoor spaces and rediscovering outdoor spaces as “oases” and open-air rooms.
It is important that at the heart of design is the person who lives the spaces and uses the objects: the temptation to standardize, to ensure better safety, should not take away the voice of creativity, which can come out strengthened by new needs, offering original answers in this particular period.
The contribution of research on materials remains fundamental, therefore, to guarantee really useful, sustainable and safe objects. But also new materials, or already known but used in an innovative way, call into question the design, which must know how to make the most of the characteristics, adding to the circular production – use – recycling or reuse, also the hygienic and safety component.
The house of tomorrow may not be bigger, but it will certainly have more space: for our peace of mind, for our old and new needs, for our safety. But it will also give more space to designers and architects who really want to change the world and not just accept the changing world.
Until health solutions to the current crisis are found, design can become a real “therapy of living”. Thanks to design, in this way, we can continue to breathe beauty, without fear of being contaminated by the standardization of environments and places of good living.
Between innovations, dialogue between community and professionals and new awareness of the role of design, appointment with HOMI Outdoor HOME&DEHORS at Fiera Milano from 19th to 22nd September 2020 and with Host, the International Exhibition of Professional Hospitality, at Fiera Milano from 22nd to 26th October 2021.