Corner House

San Severo is a small and lively town on the outskirts of Foggia. Its historic center is characterized mainly by two or three storey houses above ground that alternate with high buildings and small deposits. These are mainly buildings with brick facades, or plastered in white. Many of them are clad, along the strip of contact with the street, by large slabs of Apricena stone. They are often covered by flat roofs, or by sloping pitches covered with typical straw yellow tiles. The shores are always quite contained, according to the tradition of Mediterranean houses.

In this context stands the corner house built by the architect Raimondo Guidacci: a building with a rectangular plan, built to replace an old existing warehouse.
The need to prevent the view towards the internal spaces of the house from the public street, determined the choice to create an introverted house, in which the large windows of the living room are projected onto a small internal patio. The result of this operation is the insertion, among the existing buildings, of a compact corner block, in contrast to the adjacent facades.

The building is on four levels: a basement floor, used for the garage and storage; a mezzanine floor, used for the living room and kitchen; a first floor, used for the three bedrooms; finally a second and top floor, characterized by the presence of a small room directly connected to the large terrace.

All the walls are plastered in white, interrupted by a few signs, such as the four openings and the two balconies on the side street. On the same facade, an anodised aluminium fascia acts as a base for the new volume and contains, in addition to the access doors to the garage, the various external counter doors. The corner of the building is designed as a sort of cut between the two facades, a sign that divides it into two parts by emptying at terrace level, so that a piece of sky can be seen.
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PROJECT Casa d’angolo
ARCHITECTS Raimondo Guidacci
LOCATION San Severo, Italy
YEAR 2018