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Communicating the company’s spirit and identity through architecture

Flash Battery, an innovative company that produces lithium batteries – has chosen Estel as a partner to furnish its new headquarters in Sant’Ilario d’Enza (RE).
The building was designed by Studio Bocchi to give a concrete representation of the company’s leap from a young start-up to an international company.
The key points of the project were the same that permeated the interiors and exteriors, defined from the outset in a clear and pragmatic way: simplicity, flexibility of spaces, attention to image and the creation of pleasant and functional working environments.
It is in this context that Estel’s “Smart Office” has managed to fit in masterfully, thanks also to the “eight hands” design between Flash Battery, Architect Francesco Bocchi, Architect Francesca Raffaini and Estel itself.

The interiors are characterised by the central glazed cavity, which fills the two floors of offices with natural light, and creates a patio which on the ground floor becomes a green courtyard, welcoming visitors at the entrance.
The design had to reflect their being a tech, dynamic and innovative company. In this path of identity and communication through space, Estel was able to listen to the people of Flash Battery and accompany them, bringing out the technological values present in the company. A real journey alongside the customer, in search of non-standard solutions.
Flash Battery’s representatives admit that they fully recognised themselves as a company in the spirit of Estel, because both are companies with a common characteristic: the aim of not being conventional, and of continuously innovating.

Inside the offices, the abundance of natural light and transparent spaces, although divided by glass walls, underline the focus on wellbeing and productivity in the design. This openness to view through the use of glass, this transparency, has benefited the company and its people, conveying the idea of deep alignment, where there are no hierarchical roles but a group of people working together towards a common goal.
The workstations alternate with common areas, areas for sharing and collaboration, phone booths, meeting rooms and relaxation areas. The various zones are flexible and usable by everyone, in a continuous contamination that creates value. It was decided to use solutions such as movable walls, retractable screens and equipped islands to transform the spaces according to needs, and to make room inside the company for events and courses.

Each floor has a different colour: the starting point was the bold colours of the Flash Battery logo, to then arrive at the right shade. On the ground floor, red is used to welcome and communicate quality and energy. On the first floor the tones of green, the thinking brain that houses R&D, services and designers. Finally, the blue of the second floor, the most executive floor, which houses the CEO, sales, marketing and administration areas: the colours of safety and concentration.
The meeting rooms have symbolic names for the company, tracing the evolution of Flash Battery and its most important goals: Kilowatt, Kaitek (the first name of the company), Kaizen (continuous improvement), garage (the training room, because Flash Battery was born in a garage for real).

A result that is the result of a good work of analysis in being able to grasp the real needs of the company, beyond the explicit requests, turning them into a project.
A change that everyone – owners, employees and customers – has noticed in the new premises: lively, comfortable spaces, designed down to the last detail, where even the coffee break becomes a moment for exchanging and sharing ideas.
For more information visit the Estel website.