Colour trend 2021

PPG – a company with more than 80 years of experience in paint development – presents the new colour trends of 2021: three palettes with warm, natural tones that give well-being and harmony to everyday spaces and those who live in them.
PPG, which has always promoted a functional and conscious use of colour through the Voice of Colour platform, has chosen to differentiate its strategy for 2021 by no longer proposing a colour of the year but welcoming three new trends – “Be Well”, “Be Wild” and “Be True” – which reflect the possible ways in which people respond to these changes.
Through warm and natural shades and each with its own specific characteristics, the three palettes proposed by PPG’s colour stylists offer new ideas and inspiration to those in constant search of wellbeing and harmony for their everyday spaces, be they living, working or otherwise.

PPG’s 2021 welcomes us with three distinct colour palettes that correspond to (at least) as many ways of being and understanding colour but are united by a single thread: “Brown is the new Grey“. A new concept, the latter, which takes shape thanks to Transcend, a neutral shade – common to all trends – that recalls the warm and comfortable shades of the earth and lends itself to infinite possibilities of combination with other colours and materials.

The palette proposed by “Be Well” transports us instantly into a sphere of comfort. It is the ideal choice for those who understand colour as a precious opportunity to escape from everyday stress and, to do so, do not give up a pleasantly nostalgic touch.
The three identifying colours of this palette – Transcend, Misty Aqua and Light Cherry Parade – are natural tones that fully express awareness and comfort and, as such, are perfectly suited to this quest for relaxation.
The tones of “Be True“, on the other hand, blend perfectly with more concrete souls, with those who, in short, let themselves be guided by the desire to rediscover the most reassuring traditions.
Finally, “Be Wild” is an invitation to explore our most instinctive part, it is pure optimism. Those who choose this palette see every day as a set of new opportunities to be seized, of small or big challenges to be faced with a smile and, why not, with a healthy dose of humour.
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