Casa delle idee by Dr. Schär

“House of Ideas” is the name of Dr. Schär’s renovated headquarters in Postal, not far from the city of Merano, exalting the creativity and innovation of the family business, which was founded in 1922 with the aim of pursuing the well-being of people and offering quality food products.

Architects Jury Pobitzere and Patrik Pedó, from the studio monovolume architecture+design from Bolzano, were given the task of designing an architectural solution to facilitate coordination and interaction between the employees of the Dr. Schär headquarters, based on the existing building, transforming it into a minimal, sophisticated architecture and renewing the company’s image to make it modern and recognisable.

This quest for contemporaneity was revealed in the choice of materials such as glass, steel and wood, and a four-storey organisation with an atrium open to the other with a staircase that screws into the sky. Almost reminiscent of a museum, the structure has a terrace-like construction on each floor and open-plan offices that facilitate the interconnection and exchange of ideas.

The balance between the working space and the natural outdoor space is achieved through the glass façade with a view of the apple orchards and the Dolomites, an element of deep connection between the company and the South Tyrolean territory.
The building envelope is made of a concrete bar structure alternating with glass, which gives lightness to the overall appearance of the building, while a second façade made of inclined glass slats optimizes energy performance and adequate sun protection.
Internal brightness is emphasised by active, radiant, cooling and sound-absorbing plasterboard false ceilings that allow natural light to reach the work spaces.
The functionality of the structure is also supported by the presence of a deep well, from which water is drawn, which is then purified and used for production and ceiling cooling.

The building includes the company canteen, an open kitchen and a nursery school to protect all parents and support their professional growth.


PROJECT monovolume architecture + design
TIPE headquarter
ARCHITECT Jury Pobitze and Patrik Pedó
PHOTO Meraner Hauser