Casa a Bormio, innovative design meets the traditions of alpine houses

Marcello Bondavalli, Nicola Brenna and Carlo Alberto Tagliabue are the young founders of studio wok, which since 2012 has been pursuing its vision of architecture and design as tools for improving the quality of living, always supporting environmental sustainability.

The flat, measuring about 75 square metres and located in a typical late-seventies alpine condominium, stands at the foot of Mount Reit and boasts a spectacular view of Valdidentro.

The renovation included the demolition of the internal partitions and the redefinition of the interior space through the creation of three volumes.
Made entirely of drywall and wood, these three divisions enclose all the fixed cupboards and bathrooms, allowing the functions of the various rooms in the house to be established in a fluid way, without discontinuity.
The strategic position of the volumes also allows light, coming from the many windows, to become a fundamental element of the interior atmosphere.

The entrance to the flat corresponds to a cosy space where there is a bench, a shoe rack and technical cupboards.
The living area is flooded with light and characterised by the view coming from the 4 windows facing south-east and south-west; the kitchen is on view but integrated in one of the wooden volumes, while the buffet unit and the table with a long bench allow to live the space in a very convivial way.
The two bedrooms, and one of the two bathrooms, face north-east; the master bedroom is simple and essential with a small bathroom. The second bedroom is characterised by the presence of a cosy wood-panelled niche, reminiscent of an alpine hut, where a bunk bed has been inserted.

Materials were all chosen and locally sourced to create a strong link with the local area and its production facilities. Fundamental was the relationship with the local craftsman who took care of the entire production process, from cutting the plants in the nearby Val Zebrù to making the final products.
The floor is made of larch wood, while the stone used in the entrance floor, bathrooms and kitchen countertops is Serpentino Verde, widely used at the Bormio spa.
The intense scent of pine wood is one of the protagonists of the house, used for all the custom-designed and made-to-measure furniture, for the window frames and for the wall and ceiling panelling.

Among the delicate hues of the pine and larch wood are the sliding doors and the kitchen buffet unit painted green which, together with the Serpentine, create a slight contrast, completing a minimalist but warm and welcoming palette typical of mountain homes.


PROJECT casa a bormio
ARCHITECTS studio wok
LOCATION Bormio, Italy
YEAR 2020
WOOD CARPENTRY Corrado Alberti
STONE ELEMENTS Serpentino e Graniti
PHOTO Federico Villa studio