Caimi wins its third Compasso D’oro award

Caimi is one of Europe’s leading design-oriented manufacturers of furniture and furnishings for the office, home and contract sectors. For the third time in its long business history, the company has won the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award, the most prestigious and authoritative recognition of production quality and excellence in Italian design.

The winning project is Klipper, an evolved sound-absorbing system, born out of Caimi’s collaboration with a young Danish designer, 28-year-old Felicia Arvid, with whom the company came into contact in 2018 at SaloneSatellite, the Event dedicated to under-35s within the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

It is indicative that this fruitful collaboration was born precisely at SaloneSatellite, a place that aims precisely to be a hotbed of creativity and design dynamism. The meeting between the 25-year-old designer and the company’s progenitor, Renato Caimi, who, at 96, still has the curiosity of his beginnings, is the perfect portrait of the company’s soul. The path they have taken together is the most eloquent testimony that the passion for good design, when authentic, knows no limits and has no barriers, of age, culture, or language.
Fresh, unprecedented visions and many years of expertise merge with simplicity and naturalness, generating a project that results in an extraordinarily effective serial product: this is the underlying spirit of Klipper.

I have traveled my working path,” says Renato Caimi, “collaborating with designers and architects of very different ages, nationalities, experience and personalities, but in each one I have always tried to grasp the desire to create projects that are not only original but always oriented toward truly improving people’s lives. This was also the case with Felicia Arvid.”
I was immediately captivated,” comments Felicia Arvid, “by the great inclination and willingness of the whole company to grasp and make my creative visions and expressive potential their own. The Klipper project developed very naturally, thanks also to Caimi’s strong technological background and production capacity.

In addition to the Compasso d’Oro 2022 Caimi receives an Honorable Mention for Open Lab: it is the futuristic complex of as many as seven laboratories, built in full respect for the environment, right in the heart of the company headquarters, born from the conviction that without permanent innovation there can be no enterprise, design and product. Open Lab is expressly oriented toward theoretical and applied research in acoustics and is available to Universities, Research Institutes Entities and Foundations, in true social sharing.


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