Between nature and technology, Gruppo Romani reinterprets ceramic wood

In fashion as in interior design we are witnessing the rediscovery of inspirations that marked great changes in the past. After years of extreme minimalism, today the focus is on materials capable of creating cosy atmospheres, natural references, in both residential and commercial environments. Without sacrificing practicality, ease of maintenance and hygiene. Interpreters of this trend are ceramic woods, with original and innovative reinterpretations in terms of technical performance, formats and surface finishes. Gruppo Romani, always attentive to the stylistic evolution and among the first to propose wood-effect ceramic surfaces on the market, underlines the actuality of the product with three new porcelain stoneware proposals signed Serenissima, Cercom and Cerasarda.

From oak, the world’s best-selling wood, comes the inspiration for Serenissima’s “I Roveri”, characterised by an extraordinary wealth of details with a natural appearance, an extremely defined flavour and a very high quality touch. The collection, available in the colours Rovere Intenso, Rovere Antico, Rovere Naturale and Rovere Decapé, is a wide-ranging and functional project that meets the technical requirements of architecture, thanks to indoor and outdoor surfaces in the classic plank format, plus the elegant Decoro Cassettone.

The new project by Cercom Ceramiche is called “Briccole” and is inspired by the typical briccole of the Venetian lagoons, the poles to which gondolas dock. Colour variations and textures create a unique, welcoming and modern style, dedicated to the design of both indoor and outdoor environments. The intensely textured surface declines an up-to-date and versatile colour palette, in the plank format also of 180 cm, suitable for multi-format laying and combinations with decorative proposals of contemporary taste. Also in this case, the collection is combined with an inlay decoration in square format.

The scent of saltiness, the colours of the Mediterranean together with exotic essences are condensed in the new “Yacht Club” collection by Cerasarda. The ceramic surface interprets the precious marine wood used for boat decks, the delicate veins imprinted by nature interspersed with the joints that recall the rubbery connecting materials give the product a unique and iconic look. An elegance that only high-end boats could afford, made from the finest woods that now live on in a porcelain stoneware with a vaguely exotic flavour available in both matt and mirror-polished finishes.


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