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BEE® by INNOVA: the first heat recovery unit available on the market.

The shape of the product and the choice of materials used for its construction allow BEE® by INNOVA to recover 30% to 40% of the heat contained in the waste water from showers, sinks and/or bathtubs that would otherwise be lost directly into the drains. The recovered heat heats mains water directed to mixers, boilers and water heaters, reducing the energy needed to produce domestic hot water.


To date, BEE is the only device on the market capable of recovering the heat dispersed into the environment by a plumbing system. This solution, patented and created by INNOVA, is based on a very simple idea: using a heat exchanger through which cold water from the aqueduct flows and which is lapped, inside the recuperator, by hot water sent to the drain. The clean water pre-heats, taking heat away from the waste water, and water with a higher temperature enters the mixer or water heater. Also in terms of maintenance, BEE does not require any specific attention other than that of a traditional plumbing drainage system.


In many cases, Innova’s BEE® heat recuperator is more effective than a solar thermal system thanks to its simplicity of operation, safety, high performance, incomparably shorter amortisation times (thanks to lower purchase and installation costs), constant efficiency 365 days a year and its guaranteed 24-hour operation (without any influence from climatic conditions).

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