BCD Travel Headquarters

BCD Travel helps companies get the most out of what they invest in business travel. It offers travellers innovative tools that keep them safe and productive while on business travel. BCD Travel is part of the BCD Group, a market leader in the travel industry with nearly 15,000 employees worldwide.
For the realisation of its headquarters in Utrecht, the initial brief called for a working environment optimised for employee productivity and well-being. An office was created where tranquillity and spaciousness define the overall atmosphere. By creating curved walls the space management is improved and the elongation of the building is reduced. Different working areas were created in order to find an optimal mix of closed and open spaces alternating with meeting places.

PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING supervised the lighting design in close cooperation with HIG Building Solutions. For the reception area, the SL787PL LED pendant luminaire configured in the shape of an L using LIGHT-PERFORMER®, the online software for creating complex lighting systems in a few simple steps, was chosen. The general lighting in the meeting rooms is provided by PLATO SQUARE (UGR <19) and the workstations are lit by SL764PL LED pendant luminaires also configured with LIGHT-PERFORMER®. The corridors are fitted with SL764AB LED linear ceiling luminaires.

Architect: Wierda Design
City: Utrecht, Netherlands
Installer: HIG Building Solutions
Photographer: Ronald Zijlstra