Baroque Church becomes the new elementary school in Vřesovice

Public Atelier and FUUZE designed an expansion of an elementary school housed in a former Baroque rectory. Giving the Baroque complex a new life, the project emphasises the interconnection of the new and the original historical elements, while clearly distinguishing them through shapes, materials and colours.

When the municipality of Vřesovice agreed with the Church on transferring the rectory and the parish estate to the municipal property, the Church wished that the village should not let the whole premises deteriorate but use it for a purpose. Therefore, since 2013 the main building of the refractory has been a primary school and two years later, a day care center with a kitchen and a dining room, which are also used by the primary school, was established on the ground floor of the two building wings. Our task was to reconstruct another part of the buildings into two classrooms and two vocational ones. This was completed in the summer of 2019. The last part was the original gymnasium adjoining to the baroque building, which is to be converted into a modern gym and two club rooms.

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PROJECT Elementary School Vřesovice
LOCATION Vřesovice, Czech Republic
YEAR 2019
PHOTO BoysPlayNice