Barocco & Neobarocco

Baroque and Neo-Baroque is the first edition of a “design festival” that aims to bring together design project culture and business culture, in the context of the Baroque settings of Ragusa, the fulcrum of the eighteenth-century of the 18th-century renaissance of the Val di Noto.
The festival offers an opportunity to discuss the expressions of “neo-baroque” design, understood as a contemporary interpretation of the baroque aesthetic.
contemporary interpretation of the baroque aesthetic that has so successfully marked the history of the history of the Hyblean territory and which is still a formal constant common to some cultural trends of our time.

Local knowledge and entrepreneurship are involved in a creative dialectic, together with designers, artists and fashion stylists.
fashion stylists, with the active participation of protagonists from the world of design and with the contribution of
internationally renowned companies.
In addition to a programme of meetings and specialised in-depth studies for professionals, the festival will stage site-specific artistic installations and display the results of the research work of Academies and Universities, unfolding in different and prestigious locations, in a wonderful and surprising journey through the spaces of the city of Ragusa.

The design festival has the patronage of local authorities and authoritative institutions (ADI, Accademia di Brera, Accademia di Carrara, Università di Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli, IULM, Ordine degli Architetti), as well as the support of entrepreneurial realities spread all over the country.
The conferences and visits to the exhibitions grant professional training credits to architects and designers registered with their respective registers.
Visits to the installations are free of charge and remain open to the public for a month.
Roberto Semprini – creator and Artistic Director – and Valentina Fisichella – Curator – look forward to seeing you in Ragusa from 24 to 26 September 2021.