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Bare materials – House in Grândola

Located in the vast territory of Alentejo in Portugal, a house emerges from a large cistern leaning against a south-facing wall, as if it were a sounding board for the entire landscape. This project by Bak Gordon Arquitectos compares the relationship between the architectural work and the space that surrounds it, making the two elements complementary and as if they were a continuation of each other.

On the other side of the wall are the social spaces of the house and two rooms that serve as transition places between inside and outside, fundamental to daily life. The different private spaces gravitate around a small interior patio where light penetrates from above and marks the passage of time in a game of moving shadows.

The entire house is covered with lime mortar and insulated from the outside with cork. The shape and geometry of the spaces, the prominent openings bring out a sense of materiality that permeates the whole house. The living area opens directly a glimpse of the outdoor swimming pool, the water element thus opens its own space in the earth that gives freshness even only visually to the architectural complex.

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Project: House in Grândola
Architect: Bak Gordon Arquitectos
Year: 2021
Photo: Francisco Nogueira