Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan: a collection between art and design

The story that distinguishes Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan starts from the manufacturing experience of Kerasan, a leader for over sixty years in the production of fine ceramic sanitaryware. From this strong DNA, a true business project was born, resulting in a new brand representative of “cultured”, prestigious, and multifunctional ceramics, which dresses in new clothes and enters fully into any context, from private to public or contract.

The expression of an original vision and of a free and dynamic creativity, today Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan presents itself as a laboratory of innovative ideas in which craftsmanship and excellence coexist and feed off each other, and in which different experiences and visions converge in a path defined by the desire to experiment and design curiosity.

Moloco was born as a freestanding washbasin, but lends itself well to being reinterpreted as a large cache-pot, a fireplace, a lamp or a furnishing accessory according to the logic of multifunctionality. Created for dynamic and sophisticated spaces, Moloco stands out for its precious finishes and the craftsmanship with which it is produced. Design Fabrizio Batoni
Essentiality of form and functionality: Adam is a ceramic complement that carries two precious functions, being both an air purifier and heater. Adam can be customised on request and, like a painting, become a unique canvas representing its own personal narrative. Design Fabrizio Batoni
Pedone concept takes its inspiration from the fascinating world of chess. Pedone can be a decorative object or an illuminating element that, thanks to its strong personality, attracts attention and generates beauty in any kind of space, from private to urban or commercial. Design Adriana Lohmann


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