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Art and architecture according to Angelo Tacchinardi

A private studio located in the Jacini palace in the center of Milan changes identity after the renovation work of the architect Angelo Luca Tacchinardi who simultaneously decides to embellish the space with his handcrafted works of furniture. The project started from the need to create workspaces with different functionalities facing the typological constraint of not modifiable environments. In fact, the office is made up of five single-facing rooms overlooking Via del Lauro, connected by a path along the facade. A journey through time between art, architecture and history. The furniture is in stark contrast with the container very characterized and preponderant and alongside the famous pieces of important designers and brands, he has included many pieces of furniture directly designed by him, unique pieces with a strong personality, handcrafted in his studio / workshop that have found their rightful place in a vintage environment, in contrast or in harmony.

In the waiting room was placed the wall sculpture by Tacchinardi entitled Travi because they are all old wooden beams recovered, cut, cleaned, painted with pigment colors bound with linseed oil and a copper tube embossed cold and soldered. A concept born from the idea of enhancing this place of work and passage. In the Operative Office, a pair of twin consoles called Alluminio, also by Tacchinardi, with a dynamic internal shape enclosed in a rectangle with a continuous variable section, are placed specularly on the two sides of the room, facing each other.  In the Private Office there is a work called Tempo, made with wooden strips obtained from recovered beams.

The beams were cut into short pieces, which in turn were split into small pieces with wedges to tear the wood along the grain, stained and cut into strips three millimeters thick and then glued as a coating on the wooden shell. Finally, the Bombo console table was inserted in the meeting room. Tacchinardi makes a provocative and informal choice both in the use of color and shape in total contrast with the environment. Made with an internal structure in wood, padding in siliconized staple, external in cotton canvas painted with pigment and acrylic, it has an almost mouth-like shape, and was positioned as a weight to unbalance the symmetry of the hall and to shift the center of gravity from the rigid, pompous and stuffed atmosphere. A sort of crazy splinter, a vortex that sucks you in, that distorts time, alienating and creating a beautiful emotional impact. 

Project: Studio palazzo Jacini
Architect: Angelo Luca Tacchinardi
Year: 2018
Photo: Matteo Cirenei and Anna Pitscheider