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APPIANI presents the new Pastelli collection

Founded in Treviso in 1873, Appiani has distinguished itself on the national and international markets for its innovation’s capacity and the quality of its collections. The company creates ceramic mosaics for architecture, combining constant aesthetic research with a high technological content. The versatility of ceramic mosaics for indoor and outdoor applications is combined with the wide range of shapes and finishes offered by Appiani, allowing an infinite number of combinations and original design solutions.

The new Pastelli collection is the most authentic dimension of mosaic, in full harmony with the Appiani tradition, which search a deep aesthetic emotion along the path of innovation. Indestructible, but delicate in appearance, Pastelli is designed to bring the architecture of living spaces back to an original, tailored dimension, with a naïf flavor. It is a collection made with a special mixture, full-body porcelain stoneware, with clays and earths that are pigmented and pressed into a full body, then added with colorants. The result is an extremely resistant ceramic, with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-stain properties, thanks to the special anti-bacterial defense Bioshield+, a solution created in collaboration with Metco Italia, a leader in industry research.

Appiani full body porcelain stoneware mosaic offers high technical performance and guarantees durability over time. The high firing temperatures and high compactness give the mosaic significant resistance to loads, impact, bending, wear and frost. The absorption of the mosaic of less than 0.5% represents an important technological step for the company and makes it particularly suitable for outdoor installation on floors and walls, even in the presence of surfaces in contact with water.

The ‘Pastelli’ collection is inspired by neutral and desaturated tones, privileging grey scales and trendy soft shades. Names such as Aurora, Ostrica, Conchiglia, Osso, Nocciola, Cenere have been chosen to evoke a world that reminds the simplicity and wonder of childhood and is in turn connected to the idea of pastels. Interesting is the role of the tale joint, which expands its traditional function and becomes an aesthetic element, capable of modifying the perception of color and the  impact of the whole item. Included in the catalog, we find matching tone-on-tone joints, but also contrasting joints, which make it possible to create unusual combinations, special geometries and decorative lines already within the single sheet of mesh. The collection is available in 3 sizes, and you can use preset laying patterns or design your own pattern. Thanks to the versatile technologies of the company, the tiles can be customized on the plate, the base on which the pattern is drawn. Using the catalog’s offerings, colors and sizes can be freely combined in endless compositions.


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