Apartment for an “extended” family

A palace of the sixteenth century, in the historic center of Verona, comes back to life through a conversion of spaces in residences. The project deals with valuable historical pre-existences and inevitable superfetations.
A work of recovery and adaptation of the spaces to the strictest standards, which lasted three years, gives back a home for a new family, the “extended” one, and is confronted with the needs of flexibility of use, privacy and original living comfort.

The double-height living room enhances the art collection of the owner, while the staircase on the upper floor is realized in steel and crystal with zoomorphic shapes. Iconic furnishings complete the decor.
The kitchen offers a variety of scenarios to support different uses: from the convivial aperitif to the romantic dinner, passing through the formal dinner.

The master room is a true independent apartment where it is possible to isolate yourself from the many uses of the house for an extended family. The large bathroom is in direct communication with the bedroom through a mini pool.

The relaxing area which overlooks the living room, in addition to a home theater with large sofas, welcomes a sauna in cedar wood and crystal that can accommodate 8 people.
For further information, please visit www.bgpiu.it.

PROJECT Apartment for an “extended” family
ARCHITECTS Bgpiu Progettazione
LOCATION Verona, Italy
YEAR 2017
LEAD DESIGNERS Luciano Galimberti, Federica Gaidano
PHOTO Luciano Galimberti