Alpilles by Élitis

Élitis presents Alpilles the new fabric collection inspired by the colors of Provence. Touches of blue like fields of iris, linen tones, the sun-baked stones of an 18th-century farmhouse, the yellow ochre of Roussillon, and simple bayadere stripes, narrow or wide: these are the elements that characterize Alpilles, Élitis’ new col- lection of fabrics inspired by the sweetness of life in the bright and sunny South of France.

These fabrics share the special beauty and calm of the south: delicate and cool to the touch, Alpilles natural fabrics drape elegantly enough to offer the outdoors a new perspective, bringing it ever closer to the indoors.

The collection consists of five different washable fabrics, for indoor and outdoor use, and is designed by Ariane Dalle, a leading designer whose professional career has taken textiles to new heights. Alpilles expands Élitis’ range of European-inspired 2022 collections and, more specifically, which wink at Italy and aim to liberate fabric from its traditional monochromomy to render it an artistic expression.
The eight 2022 collections draw inspiration and suggestions from the world of architecture through Milan’s modernist buildings created by Gio Ponti and Pietro Portaluppi, thus exploring two famous themes of Italian design. First, the overwhelming impudence and positive energy that characterized the Memphis movement. And then craft chic – the refined artisan – inspired by old Italian palaces, made even more beautiful by the patina of time.

It was precisely in the area of fabric production in February 2020 within the Maison that a great moment of innovation took place. Patrice Marraud des Grottes,  offered the opportunity for Ariane Dalle, creator of the Alpilles collection, to take over the reins of his Maison’s textile department.
The granddaughter of a flax weaver from northern France, on the border with Belgium, Arian Dalle began her career in New York in 1996, working for Jack Lenor Larsen, known as the “wizard of textiles,” who taught her all about the structure of textile material and the secrets of hand weaving, instilling in her high standards and a deep understanding of the American market.

Returning to France in 2020, Ariane was given the set up of Larsen Europe. She was then recruited by Pierre Frey’s Maison (to which the Frey, Boussac, and Branquenié brands belong), which assigned her the role of collection manager and coordinator for the brand and for accessories, which she held for nearly eight years. Then, in 2009, she took on the role of artistic director for Larsen and Manuel Canovas, opening a large studio in the heart of Paris and overseeing its interior design.

Ariane reinvigorated Larsen by redefining the aesthetic dialogue between materials and weaving techniques, inspired by craftsmanship and observation of nature, defining a mi-neral and Nordic color palette. Making use of Nattier blue, Indian pink, embroidered and woven fabrics, she brought together a bohemian-chic style with the art of French living, as seen from the perspective of Manuel Canovas, her ami-co and mentor.

In February 2020, she met Patrice Marraud des Grottes, whom she describes as “the daring founder of Étilis and a passionate traveler,” who offered her the opportunity to take over the reins of his Maison’s textile re-parto. Attracted by the brand’s creative approach and passion for materials that always lend an avant-garde touch to current trends, Ariane described her expe-rience at Élitis this way, “I am lucky to work for a brand that, since its founding more than 30 years ago, has always been able to reinvent itself.”


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