A story of Metal, Art and Design

Born to challenge the limits of metal. This is the synthesis of Steel Group, a leading Italian company in the supply of steel, corten and bronze structures that has its roots in the tradition of metalworking, exploring its full potential and technical characteristics. From these elements begins a path of evolution in search of the infinite ways of expressing the material. A research constantly linked to technology and design, to make each project not just a structure to be admired, but an experience to be lived, where consultancy and customisation play a key role. Whether it be doors and windows, living modules, stairs or cladding, each project is a story, a representation of the vision of those who desire the structure and choose its details and finishes, making Steel Group the ideal partner for architects and designers. Over the years, the company has brought about great changes internally, which over time have also affected the city of Cremona and its community. Steel Group has always had its production site in the small town of Vescovato and its representative office in Cremona, but in 2019 it was able to purchase a large part of the historic Piacenza Rimorchi, which had been Cremona’s most important industry during the economic boom and which, following its closure, was now in a state of complete abandonment and decay. Steel Group therefore chose to take charge of securing and completely renovating the property, initiating, in collaboration with the municipality, a major reclamation of the site, which was followed by the redesign and reconversion of the spaces. The new premises were designed to accommodate all the company’s operational areas, from production to the internal engineering division. Wanting to offer its customers an all-round service that begins with production and ends with installation, the company needed a warehouse not only to store raw materials but also finished products waiting to be installed. The large warehouses were renovated in view of this need and to accommodate all the state-of-the-art productionrelated machinery. On the other hand, offices, MetroQ, the company’s engineering design studio, and the showroom were located on the street side. Part of the new premises has also been earmarked for a space dedicated exclusively to hosting exhibitions and artistic events. The Steel Group’s intervention in this historic industrial complex has distinguished itself first and foremost for being a project for the total redevelopment of a place that has made the history of the city and which, thanks to this acquisition, has been given a new lease of life, becoming once again an important part of the urban heritage, usable also by the city, which now has the possibility of visiting the art exhibitions in the company’s exhibition hangar. Steel Group has in fact decided to launch a major project involving Italian and international artists in a dialogue with the design products of Metalli d’Autore, its exclusive metal furniture brand. The temporary exhibitions will be bi-personal in nature where the artists will create site-specific installations and will intervene with their artistic language on a Metalli d’Autore furnishing element, to make it a unique design object through a recognisable aesthetic sign, arising from their creative sensitivity. The exhibitions will also feature a selection of the brand’s furniture and furnishing elements, characterised by the attention paid to the raw material, the tension between shine and opacity, mirroring and light absorption. The inauguration of the exhibition space called Metalli d’Autore Hangar took place in November 2022 with the exhibition “Minerali Cosmogonie” featuring two artists who share a focus on materials and their expressive potential: Tiziana Lorenzelli in collaboration with Cortesi Gallery Milano/Lugano and Giorgio Palù, designer and artistic director of Metalli d’Autore. The relocation of its headquarters was therefore an opportunity for the Steel Group to begin a great evolutionary and innovative journey in which art, design, industry and craftsmanship come together in a creative embrace that takes us back to the history, culture and tradition for which Italy is recognised the world over.


For more information visit: https://steel-group.it/