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A Siemens Hob for every need

Looking at the future to create innovative solutions today is part of Siemens’ DNA. “Progress at the service of mankind” is the philosophy with which Werner von Siemens created his company over 165 years ago and which, even today, translates into the creation of home appliances at the forefront of innovation, technology and design. Hobs are one of the widest and most varied product categories, where the aesthetic language has become free and customizable. In the Siemens Electrodomestics catalogue there is a wide choice of built-in models, all designed to guarantee maximum functionality and please the needs of “open” spaces. Stainless steel, glass-ceramic and crystal are the precious materials chosen by Siemens to enhance each model, with maximum comfort and safety.

The new generation of induction hobs with integrated hood reinterprets the “metropolitan living” style, typical of Siemens users. The inductionAir Plus hobs combine, in fact, the features of flexMotion, the technology that allows you to move each pan freely by storing the temperature, with an innovative ventilation system with unique performance. The air inlet is in fact reduced and brought to the same level of the hob as well as being equipped with a suction capacity among the most effective and silent on the market.

Born from the need for seamless integration of the various appliances with the rest of the kitchen environment, activeLight cooktops allow full control of the active zones and cooking intensity. With flexInduction Plus technology, each appliance is able to immediately recognize the size of the pans and, if the surface needed is larger, the auxiliary cooking areas are automatically activated so that the pan is always heated evenly.

For lovers of traditional cooking with an open flame, Siemens offers surfaces made of glass ceramic, tempered glass or stainless steel. Each model is also equipped with stepFlame Technology, an innovation that allows you to control cooking with extreme precision: whatever level you choose, the stove guarantees exactly the desired heat and flame intensity, for perfect cooking every time.

To conclude this overview of Siemens products, we must mention the Domino hobs, modular and designed for those who want to cook using both induction and gas. They are available in different combinations and 30 cm and 40 cm wide versions, thus adapting to small spaces.

Siemens with these innovative solutions (whatever type of hob is chosen) brings its users to experience a whole new way of living their hi-tech kitchen, because the appliances can be managed through cell phones or tablets thanks to the Home Connect App.


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