A new outdoor lighting collection by Luceplan

Never before have we been so aware of the beauty and preciousness of the outdoor spaces as in this period. LucePlan seems to underline this by presenting four new and fascinating families of outdoor lamps.

Fienile by Daniel Rybakken, Nui and Nui Mini by Meneghello Paolelli Associati and Flia by Alessandro Zambelli complement the previous collections designed for outdoor use. Luceplan begins 2021 by focusing on the outdoor theme, which will be added to two other important sectors covered by the brand in terms of lighting: decorative lights for interiors and acoustic solutions.

Daniel Rybakken’s Fienile collection moves in the direction of an increasingly nomadic design, capable of expressing itself with the same formal approach in interior and outdoor spaces. Three new collections will be launched in 2021: Nui and Nui Mini design by Meneghello Paolelli Associati and Flia design by Alessandro Zambelli. Despite the different approaches to the project, the collections maintain a single common thread, which is to highlight the concept of hybridisation and contamination of indoor and outdoor spaces. In particular, NUI Mini and Flia also interpret the theme of portability, giving the end user more and more autonomy in assigning roles and functions to the lighting product.

These products are designed above all for protected outdoor environments – such as private residences, communal gardens, outdoor areas of hotels and resorts, offices and management centres – and interpret a brand and product philosophy that is increasingly oriented towards contaminating and juxtaposing in&out spaces and lighting products.

Patrizia Vicenzi, CEO of Luceplan, comments: “The new Luceplan outdoor collection is driven, first of all, by a fundamental consideration: in contemporary design trends, indoor and outdoor are increasingly blurring into one another. There are no longer clear separations and distinctions, but an increasing aesthetic and functional osmosis between different environments. There is a growing need, on the part of both private clients and designers, to conceive of the outdoor spaces as a natural stylistic continuation of the indoors. This aspect is projected into the very design of lighting products, which must adapt to new needs, becoming multifunctional and nomadic objects”.

Luceplan’s outdoor collection is in continuity with the rest of the catalogue, which already includes areas of specialisation, ranging from more decorative products for interiors to acoustic solutions. As always, the recognisable values in every single Luceplan project, also in this new outdoor collection, are research and innovation on both a technological and formal level. Transversal products able to fit harmoniously into any context, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

For more information visit: www.luceplan.com