A new light to the new Resurrection of our Lord parish complex

Signed by the studio TAMassociati, the parish complex in the district of Varignano (Viareggio) was born as a response to a need of the community. In synergy with the designers, the neighborhood and the citizens, the project provided for the redevelopment of a pre-existing building no longer suitable for pastoral and celebratory needs, conceiving, on the same site, the construction of a new functional church able to keep intact the historical memory of the context.
The new complex occupies a usable area of about 1700 square meters and is surrounded by green areas and the churchyard that houses the new bell tower. The construction site, which began in September 2017, was completed in June 2019 and, with the completion of the works, the entire Varignano district also felt the beneficial presence of the new construction, revealing its social potential and confirming the positive impact of the operation aimed at creating cohesion and aggregation and restoring dignity to the community starting from the beauty of a place.

The wide range of PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING products made it possible to meet the various lighting requirements for both indoor and outdoor spaces, guaranteeing high quality standards of the products, carefully planned design to achieve the best possible visual comfort and constant attention to contain running costs, combined with a large outdoor lighting of the complex is essential to enhance and characterize the surrounding environment. MIMIK 30 illuminate the perimeter walls of the ground floor defining the architectural volumes through a refined balance between light and shadow, while the upper walls of the large assembly hall are illuminated in their entirety with good uniformity thanks to GUELL series projectors that flood the surfaces with light.
The churchyard, the outdoor garden and the green areas close to the building are available to the neighbourhood as a community centre, so the planned lighting has made these areas safe with pole mounted urban lighting fixtures such as SPILLO and THEOS MINI.

Particular attention has been paid to the lighting of the interior spaces, entering the assembly hall you are immersed in an ocean of light. The lighting is achieved by the dialogue between the zenithal light coming from the large skylights and the light provided by the NV414NL LED series ceiling recessed luminaires and SL764EB LED linear luminaires recessed in the plasterboard cladding of the transverse roof structures, blending perfectly into the architecture. The careful selection of the luminaires, the colour tone of the light and the opal diffusers ensure the correct visual comfort so as not to strain the eyes of the faithful.
The immense glass window (13m x 4.5m) that acts as a backdrop recalls the Giottesque sky of the Scrovegni and dialogues with the neutral tones of the 4000 K light and the soft tones of the furnishings of the large hall, creating a point of attraction for attention to the presbytery. On the opposite side, externally, the glazing comes to life thanks to the light of GUELL professional projectors of different sizes.
For the meeting rooms, the multi-purpose classrooms, the service areas and the rooms of the rectory on the upper floor, various types of luminaires provide efficient and correct lighting for each room. DLSB220 LED and NV414LED recessed luminaires provide general lighting, rectangular and round light panels are used for diffuse lighting and MIMIK and QUASAR series luminaires illuminate the walls.
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Photo by Andrea Avezzù, courtesy of TAMassociati