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A new headquarters for IRI

Since the pandemic, the concept of ‘work in presence’ has become increasingly transformed, evolved and adapted to new needs, and like many companies, the Italian headquarters of IRI, world leader in big data management, has strongly rethought the design and function of the office by moving its headquarters to the newly renovated building in Via Cassala 22.

The need to work in a hybrid form is one of the priorities that Garibaldi Architects gave itself in modifying and reconfiguring the spaces, giving prominence to shared areas, group work areas, and spaces to support individual and hybrid work. The new offices, which could be defined as hyper-tech 4.0, thus eliminated executive offices and fixed workstations.
One of the client’s main requirements was that meetings should therefore work for virtual participants as well as for those who work in person in the office: cameras, screens and connection points were included in the workspaces.

The custom-designed mini-meeting rooms – the phone booths – are equipped with acoustic panels and a wall-mounted monitor, an ergonomically semi-circular half-table protruding from the wall below, with seating for four people arranged frontally on benches and cushions that are also acoustic. These are areas that can be accessed directly from the work areas, equipped with folding glass doors of different sizes and dimensions, some of them cosy and informal oval. These special parts were made in ultramarine blue and fixed parts in light wood with a Nordic design vein.

The colours are an integral part of the design, already present in the client’s logo, and were chosen according to their degree of saturation: so black and white for the working areas, earth and blue for the informal meeting areas, and multi-coloured films for the glazed parts.
The floor plan and layout are symmetrical: the design choice was to leave the central and darker area for the social and noisier areas, as they are dedicated to meetings between colleagues, while the side parts and near the windows are where the workstations have been positioned. In the corner parts there are some glazed meeting rooms, characterised by a coloured translucent film that changes colour depending on the time of day and light.

The entire entrance area is designed as a collaborative and welcoming space, in an immersive experience starting with the luminous backdrop created with the company logo with a strong brand identity. The project wanted to transform this part of the floor, which was already dark, into an element with a strong personality.
We then enter the central part where the cafeteria area welcomes with tables designed in different shapes and heights, coffee and snack islands, all illuminated by luminous circles and cascading green hanging aerofoil.
Also, in this part we find the social table designed between the pillars with an ergonomic shape, together with an open bookcase, easily accessible and designed specifically for this space.

From the bookcase area, we access the open space areas where the desks are developed perpendicular to the glass windows: the space is interspersed with an informal area designed with benches, acoustic sofas and plants integrated into the furniture to continue to perceive the right balance between simplicity and spatial complexity. Natural materials, such as woods, plants, etc., together with colours, finishes and patterns contribute to an atmosphere where the well-being of those who will use the space is at the centre of the project.
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Project: IRI Offices
Interior: Garibaldiarchitects
Location: Milan
Workspace advisory & Strategy: Pietro Martani, Colliers Italia
PM: Mdl engineering and Management Michelangelo de Lalla
Contractor: Korus International
Photographs: Giacomo Albo