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A dream come true

The former Jumbo Group changes its name and skin to become ONIRO Group.
Assisted by the partner Digital Mind and the strategist Stefano Schiavo, the Group’s owners have worked for a long time leveraging their historical and deep knowledge of the high-end sector, which is transformed into a daily modus operandi. The new mission aims to redefine the culture of luxury and beauty under the banner of contemporaneity, shaping dreams into unique objects through the inexhaustible search for new and daring languages.

Strengthened by a new name and a well-defined identity, the Group thus stands as an entity that travels independently from the individual product brands, which remain distinct and speak to different targets.
ONIRO Group maintains a higher dimension, linked to the values and the story of the dream. Shaping dreams is precisely the task of the Greek god Oniro, evoked in the new name.

Moreno Brambilla, Chairman and CEO of ONIRO Group, says: “There are times in the life of a company when a profound analysis of the path taken since the beginning of its history is necessary. In our case, this analysis coincided with a careful evaluation of how well the name and image we were projecting to the outside world represented us. The old name, Jumbo Group, was linked to the past and to a company that we felt was ready to change its skin, to project itself into the future. Moments like this, of great awareness, inevitably lead to significant changes – we experienced this in 2021. The result was the desire to undertake a corporate rebranding process, which began with a strategic and positioning analysis and culminated in the creation of a new name and a new image. We have redefined our Mission, Vision and values. I am proud to say that today we are the ONIRO Group: we maintain our acquired heritage of market presence, skills and excellence, and we add the dimension of dreams to our story, the objective and nourishment of every project“.